Refugee crisis in Europe … war in Syria … terror attacks all over the world … exploitation of man and nature … I probably can write a whole book just listing problems of our world. And most of those problems are due to greed, hate and rejection. Many people draw lines between them and “others” to build their own communities apart from everybody else. Those distinctions are based on different reasons: religion, social background, skin color, habits or nationality.

This differentiation are supported by maps. In mapping, lines are (mostly) used as borders to divide the space in sections: borders between land and water, borders between different altitudes or borders between nations. As a person who loves to make maps, for the last weeks I was thinking about what I can do to draw a line to CONNECT instead of DIVIDE. So I created a world map consisting of a single line. When watching the map from far away you cannot see the connections. It looks like everything is divided. But if you go closer you can see that everything is one. To realize that we are somehow all one community you need to go close to others.

By keep drawing borders there will be no solution to all those problems we have these days. Let’s try to draw connections…

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