From 13th April on each Monday in April you have the opportunity to be one of the greatest explorer, just like Magellan. I will post a satellite image of a place somewhere on earth on this site at 10pm Central European Time (9pm UTC). Everyone can be part of the explorer game. The fastest explorer will get a 10 US$ reward. The quiz will only be held if the facebook page of Geolic reaches 500 likes. So this is what you have to do to let the Magellan Monday start:

  1. Like Geolic on facebook.
  2. The Magellan Quiz for each Monday will be held when 500 Facebook likes on the fanpage of Geolic are reached before the according Monday (until 11:59pm of the Sunday before).
  3. Go to the facebook page of Geolic on each Monday in April at 10pm CET (9pm UTC, 4pm Eastern Standard time), where the Magellan Quiz will be posted.
  4. Try to find the location of the place in the image and post your answer as coordinates in the comment section of the according image on facebook.
  5. The person who post the right answer first will get rewarded with the US$10 prize and can consider himself/herself as one of the greatest explorers of all time.

You still have some questions about the Magellan Monday? Feel free to post a comment below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Note for the winners of the award: Please be aware that it can happen that you don’t get the exact amount of US$10 due to currency changing fees and international money transfer. I will try to keep this effect as low as possible.

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