“GIS technology is kind of like Google Earth, but better!”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger-

Beside Google Earth there are many beautiful, informative and funny interactive maps existing in the internet. With Geolic.net I made a website for my own contributions to this. But I am still considering myself a beginner in that field, which is why I created this small list of interactive world maps. There are many many more out there and if this list is not enough for you, make sure to visit Maps Mania, a blog full of maps, which is updated regularly.


Atlantic slave tradeSlave_trade

Comparing world in 2013 and 1812compare_2013_1812

Ancient earth globeancient_globe

Nations of the world (3000BC – 2015)Nations_of_world

Roman Empire road mapAncient_Rome_Road_map

Fossil findsfossil_finds

Art / Design

Pixel Map GeneratorPixelmap

World map in watercolorwatercolor

Geo Info

Active volcanoes and earthquakesvolcanoes

Wind, Air, Currents and Pollutionwinds_current

sea level rise mapsea_level_rise

Arctic Ice Caparctic_ice


Heat map of world newsheat_map_news

Risk maprisk_map

World map of antipodesantipodes

Submarine cable mapsubmarine_cables

Translate map (from English to all European languages)translate_map

Area mapping of nuclear explosionsnuclear_bomb_map

Map of world’s friendshipsfriendship_map

Global cancer mapcancer_map

Worldwide Tradeworld_trade

True size of countriestrue_size

Stuff in spacespace_stuff

Elastic terrain mapelastic_terrain

How we share the worldShare_world

Worldwide flightsflights

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      I am glad you liked it. I could include many more, but it would go beyond the scope of the post.

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